Recycled Aggregates Widnes

Recycled Aggregates In Widnes

Are you looking for recycled aggregates in Widnes?

Perhaps you have a job coming up that has a strong focus on sustainability?

No matter your project, Grundy & Co Excavations Ltd can supply and deliver recycled aggregates from our fully licensed site in Widnes, Cheshire to your site, at a time that suits you.

For more information about our recycled aggregates in Widnes, you can either drop us an email or give us a call on 0151 257 8816.


Recycled aggregates for any project in Widnes

Aggregates are essential for construction projects, often making it impossible to complete jobs without them.

However, creating aggregates can be damaging to the environment, so more and more buyers are choosing recycled aggregate products.

At Grundy & Co, we stock a wide range of high-quality aggregates, available at competitive prices to complete any project.

These include:

  • Coarse sand
  • Crushed brick
  • MOT type 1
  • Recycled aggregates


Support local recycled aggregates in Widnes

To ensure the aggregates we supply are of the very best quality, we make our own!

After recovering waste products from across the North West, the raw materials are pre-sorted. This ensures no unwanted materials enter the recycling process, which would produce a batch of unusable recycled aggregates.

Later, the materials are dry crushed and washed to produce high-quality recycled products that meet tight specifications, as tested by external testing houses.

This ensures that the product you buy from us will meet your project requirements and produce the best quality finishes.

Recovering and producing our own recycled aggregates allows Grundy & Co Excavations Ltd to sell recycled aggregates that are much more budget-friendly.

This guarantees that our eco-friendly alternative delivers the same quality, at a lower price point.

Getting you much more bang for your buck.


Find recycled aggregates in Widnes

Available in sizes to suit any project and delivered to site in bulk with a loose tipping, Grundy & Co Excavations Ltd can help you with your recycled aggregate needs.

For more information, or to inquire about prices per tonne, you can call an expert on 0151 257 8816  or drop us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you order recycled aggregates from Grundy & Co., you have multiple delivery options to consider.

These include:

• Loose-tipped delivery –the recycled aggregates are delivered loose in the back of our specialist tipper trucks and deposited wherever you prefer on-site.

• Bagged delivery – our staff will pre-bag your aggregates, then they will be delivered to you and offloaded at your drop-off point.

If you are local and have the means, we can also make it possible for you to collect your order, either loose or bagged, depending on your requirements.

This flexibility makes us a favourite with customers, who particularly like our nominated delivery dates and delivery slots – all of which are clearly communicated to you ahead of time.

Why not try recycled aggregates in Widnes for your next project? To get started, you can fill in the enquiry form on your screen or email us at and we’ll get back to you quickly with a quote so you can make an informed decision.

Those unsure of switching to recycled aggregates can be worried that the quality of the products they are ordering isn’t up to the standard of materials they use currently.

This is often because they are made from pre-used materials that would have been discarded as waste at one time.

However, using recovered materials to create new construction materials does not detract from the quality or the expected lifetime of the material.

Reprocessing discarded construction materials means we can continue to use the construction aggregates we rely on, without sending thousands of tonnes to waste and exhausting limited supplies – all while meeting the appropriate legal requirements for use anywhere in the UK. For recycled aggregates direct from our on-site sandwashing plant in Widnes, order today - you can use our quick contact form or email us at and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible.

For many people, the decision to switch from standard to recycled aggregates is made either because of pressures to make construction more environmentally or to reduce prices.

The green credentials of recycled aggregates are clear to see and widely discussed, but did you know that recycled aggregates are often more economical too?

Whether you need bagged or loose-tipped, recycled aggregates from Grundy & Co. can give your business the green boost it needs, while also adding to the wiggle room in your bottom line.

For a bespoke quote, or to place an order for delivery, give us a call today on 0151 257 8816 or email us at with your project requirements and we’ll let you know what you expect to pay per tonne.

Put most simply, recycled aggregates are not mined new, and instead are made from reclaimed materials, most often recovered from demolition sites across the North West.

Once collected, the soon-to-be recycled aggregates go through strict processing, which includes separating the aggregates into different sizes and removing any impurities – making them suitable for new projects.

This recycling process ensures that the newly-processed aggregates always meet the appropriate legal requirements for use anywhere, including in public places and government projects, such as on public roads and highways – which should be a non-negotiable for all contractors looking for construction aggregates.

If you are ready to make the switch and order recycled aggregates in Widnes, why not call us on 0151 257 8816 or fill in our contact form? We’ll be in touch to complete your order as soon as we can.

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    Product Spec Application
    Fine Sand 0-4mm Blinding, Trench Fill, Ducting
    Coarse Sand 0-6mm Concrete, Block paving, Flagging
    10mm Pipe Bedding 6-10mm Drainage
    20mm Pipe Bedding 10-20mm Drainage
    40mm Pipe Bedding 20-40mm Drainage, Filter Drain
    6 x 4 20-80mm Capping, Starter Layer
    Filter Cake (Clean Clay) n/a Lining Ponds, Canals, Landfills

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