Bulk Excavations

Bulk Excavations

The secret to a successful excavation is superb knowledge, experience and precision. And as a major player in the waste and recycling, recycled aggregates, and excavations industry, Grundy & Co Excavations Ltd can help.

We understand that – before any building project can start – the site needs to be cleared and the ground conditions must perfect. That’s why we regularly carry out bulk excavations for major infrastructure projects where roads, railways, buildings, car parks, and other large buildings are being constructed.

What do we do?

At Grundy & Co, we regularly add and remove large amounts of soil, rock and other sediments from demolition and construction sites to bring the land to the right level for building foundations and structures.

Our experienced engineers calculate the exact volumes required to complete the project. And to really help keep the cost and wastages to a minimum, we reuse as much material as possible.

On top of this, our team will take into consideration the type of ground to determine the best machinery, whilst ensuring that everything runs smoothly without any technical difficulties.

Although most projects will require heavy-duty diggers, bulldozers, dump trucks and rollers – several factors determine the type of plant required for bulk excavations (i.e. the type of material being dug, the amount of material that needs to be excavated and moved and accessibility).

The good news is, we have a reliable fleet at our disposal, so you can count on us to provide the most suitable wagons and equipment for the job.

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Grundy & Co have been working with clients in Merseyside and Cheshire on bulk excavations for the past 40 years, and are confident that we can help you. If you have any questions about the services we provide or the machinery we use, please contact us.

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss your project with a member of the team, we would love to hear from you. Just give us a call on 0151 257 8816.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Please find below a list of frequently asked questions from our customers

    What is a bulk excavation?

    Put simply, a bulk excavation is where large amounts of soil, rock and other materials are moved from one area to another.

    Before building work can begin, the ground needs to be level and at the appropriate height – which explains why soil or rock needs to be added or removed.

    In most cases, bulk excavations are required on construction sites where roads, railways, buildings, car parks and other infrastructure is being built. But more recently, they are being used to clear underground spaces – particularly in built-up areas where space is limited.

    How are bulk excavations carried out?

    Bulk excavation is carried out in one of two ways, either:

    • an area of land is excavated (removing soil, rock and sediment) or
    • an area is constructed at a new height or shape by laying more soil or rock

    Whilst the right plant for the excavation largely depends on the material being dug, how accessible the site is, and the amount of material that needs moving, these projects require a lot of industrial machinery.

    For areas where space is at a premium and access is awkward or difficult, smaller machines (i.e. those with zero swing) are favourable, whereas bigger models are better suited to large-scale projects. In addition to this, dump trucks, bulldozers, and rollers will often be needed during bulk excavations.

    What happens to the excavated materials?

    At Grundy & Co, our bulk excavation service proves extremely popular for infrastructure projects, and it’s clear to see why.

    We calculate the exact amount of rock and soil required to bring the land to the right level for building foundations – keeping waste and shortages to a minimum – and aim to reuse as much material as possible. That means, if the excavated materials cannot be used again on-site, we will transport them using our trucks so they can be used for other projects.

    If you would like to know more about our bulk excavation service, give us a call on 0151 257 8816, email sales@grundyandco.com or fill out the enquiry form, and we’ll be in touch.

    Are bulk excavations expensive?

    It’s difficult to provide an exact figure for excavations as they come in all shapes and sizes.

    Whilst the site layout, foundations and soil type can impact the price of bulk excavations, it’s also worth considering additional costs, such as a CCTV drain survey and drain repairs, if necessary.

    The good news is, here at Grundy & Co, we pride ourselves on offering some of the most competitive rates for bulk excavations, and are confident we can offer a suitable solution for your budget requirements.

    For a clear idea of how much you can expect to pay for bulk excavation, don’t hesitate to call our team on 0151 257 8816.

    What are the benefits of hiring a professional for bulk excavation?

    Though a bulk excavation may seem straightforward enough, there are several reasons why you should consider seeking professional assistance from Grundy & Co.

    For instance, we have access to state-of-the-art machinery and can utilise the most suitable equipment for the task at hand – ensuring the job is done quickly and to a high standard.

    Hiring professionals for bulk excavation will also give you the peace of mind that all operators are skilled and experienced. They’ll know exactly what to do should any issues arise, and they’ll make sure that the area is excavated in the safest way possible.

    For more reasons why you should enlist the help of our team for bulk excavations, get in touch with us via our contact form.

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