Crushed Brick Liverpool

Crushed Brick Liverpool

Do you need crushed brick in Liverpool? Well, look no further.

Grundy & Co Excavations Ltd supplies a wide range of recycled aggregate from our base in Widnes, which is approximately a 30-minute drive from Liverpool. We are proud to offer some of the most competitive rates around and regularly deliver crushed brick aggregate to clients in both the city centre and on the outskirts.

To find out more about crushed brick aggregates in Liverpool and discuss your requirements with our team, call 0151 257 8816.


Top-quality aggregates for Liverpool projects

Crushed brick is a type of recycled aggregate made from the leftover bricks at demolition and construction sites. It can be used for everything from drainage and landscaping to patio and walkway construction.

One of the reasons why construction teams are opting for crushed brick rather than other aggregates is that – because it’s made from recycled materials – it’s generally cheaper to manufacture. What’s more, aggregates that are sourced locally can save on transportation costs, meaning you won’t need to spend a fortune on crushed brick in Liverpool!

Another reason why crushed brick is immensely popular in Liverpool and beyond is due to its sustainability. By recycling and reusing bricks for future projects, no new, raw materials are required, which puts less strain on landfill sites. This helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and is a step towards fighting climate change.


Arrange crushed brick delivery in Liverpool today

If you need crushed brick in Liverpool for your next construction project, you can rely on Grundy & Co to respond quickly and efficiently, supplying the quality and quantity you need at an affordable price.

Our team is always on hand to take your call and will ensure you get the aggregate you need, when you need it, with minimal fuss.

To make it easier for you, we use our 8-wheel tipper trucks to deliver crushed brick in Liverpool, so don’t worry if you haven’t got your own means of offloading aggregate.

If you have any further questions about crushed brick in Liverpool or our delivery service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts here at Grundy & Co.

Either give us a call on 0151 257 8816 or email, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

6F2 or 6F2 Recycled Capping are alternate names within the construction industry for crushed brick. So, when searching for recycled crushed brick aggregate, you’ll be able to find by it using one of the names above. Using recycled 6F2 crushed brick reduces demand for primary aggregates, helping current stock last longer and allowing the construction industry to operate more sustainably as waste materials can be reused.

For bagged or loose-tipped crushed brick delivered to your project, fill in the enquiry form on your screen or email us at with your project requirements and we’ll get back to you with a bespoke quote.

As a recycled aggregate, crushed brick from Grundy & Co is recovered from demolition sites across the North West and is made up of crushed brick, crushed concrete and ceramics measuring from 125mm down to dust. This crushed brick subbase is highly compactible and once levelled, forms an excellent base for a range of products.

If you need recycled crushed brick in Liverpool or the surrounding area, reach out to Grundy & Co today. We recover, process, and redistribute high-quality recycled aggregates across Merseyside in as little as 48 hours.

To order, call us on 0151 257 8816 or fill in the contact form on your screen and we’ll do everything we can to help.

Crushed brick aggregate has a wide variety of uses in landscaping and construction projects alike, such as:

  • Road sub-fill
  • Filler for potholes
  • General backfill
  • Landscaping
  • Ground cover
  • Hardcore sub-base for drainage, patios, and driveways
  • Piling mat filling

    For further information, read about our recycled crushed brick and place an order with our team when you are ready.

If you have access to whole bricks from previous projects, it can be tempting to substitute them for crushed brick aggregate. Bricks are bricks, right? Wrong – using whole bricks for backfill can seem a good idea at the time but can undermine the structural integrity of your project and ruin the finished effect of any tarmac or stone pavers.

After a project has been completed, any fine materials from the additional fill or bedding materials can continue to move, trickling down and settling into the large voids left by oversized hardcore, like old bricks, flagstones, broken lumps of concrete, etc. Because of this, the final smooth effect of the concrete, tarmac, stones, etc., can be ruined, with cracks, rivets and even the shape of the inappropriate hardcore showing through.

Likewise, inappropriate hardcore – like whole bricks – shortens the life of your project, meaning that using leftover materials instead of a trusted alternative, like crushed brick aggregate, is a false economy that can actually cost you much more than you will save. To order today, you can use our quick contact form or email us at and we’ll call you back to discuss your needs.

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    Product Spec Application
    Fine Sand 0-4mm Blinding, Trench Fill, Ducting
    Coarse Sand 0-6mm Concrete, Block paving, Flagging
    10mm Pipe Bedding 6-10mm Drainage
    20mm Pipe Bedding 10-20mm Drainage
    40mm Pipe Bedding 20-40mm Drainage, Filter Drain
    6 x 4 20-80mm Capping, Starter Layer
    Filter Cake (Clean Clay) n/a Lining Ponds, Canals, Landfills

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