Coarse Sand Widnes

Coarse Sand Widnes

Whether you need coarse sand in Widnes for domestic projects or something on a larger scale, Grundy & Co has just what you need.

We supply a range of recycled aggregates, including coarse sand in Widnes, perfect for use across the construction industry, including in constructing patios and garden paths.

What is coarse sand?

Sand from a children’s sandpit is generally made up of sand grains between 0.075- 0.425mm. Coarse sand for construction projects however can be made up of particles over 10 times larger, from 2.0- 4.75mm.

The larger grains in coarse sand are sharper and heavier. These irregularly shaped grains have edges that help sand grains to fit together and interlock, adding strength that is essential for a range of construction projects.

What do I need coarse sand for?

Coarse sand is incredibly versatile and as such, is utilised for a wide range of construction and agricultural projects, including:

  • Mixing with water, aggregate, and cement to build concrete structures
  • Bedding pipes and septic tanks
  • Base material for concrete slabs or pavers
  • Traction sand for roads and pavements
  • Creating top dressing material for planting lawns

Why do I need coarse sand in Widnes?

All construction projects need coarse sand at some point and our recycled, reclaimed coarse sand in Widnes can help you complete your projects and do good for the environment.

Used by construction teams, laypeople completing DIY jobs, civil engineers, general builders, and landscape gardeners, the list of users of coarse sand could go on and on.

But how can they find the best coarse sand for their needs?

Grundy & Co Excavations Ltd manufacture and process our own coarse sand at our on-site sandwashing plant which separates and removes impurities from raw materials. This ensures the best possible quality aggregates and coarse sands make their way to you and allows us to maximise our aim of zero waste to landfill.

Find coarse sand suppliers in Widnes

Whether you need to buy in bulk to get the quantities you need or are looking for loose-tipped coarse sand in Widnes to save on labour, Grundy & Co can help you out. We can deliver the quality aggregates you need, straight to your site, at a time and date that suits you, from our local yard.

For more information about our coarse sand in Widnes, give us a call on 0151 257 8816 or fill in our enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.



Frequently Asked Questions

Although at first glance, coarse sand and gravel may appear similar, and despite being formed because of the erosion of larger rocks, the materials are actually very different and have a wide range of uses, particularly in construction or landscaping.

• Coarse sand – a granular material ranging in size from 0.075 to 4.75mm

• Gravel – a granular material that ranges in size from 4.75 to 75mm

If you aren’t sure exactly what you need, why not contact the team at Grundy & Co.? We have decades of experience with all things aggregate and can usually advise if you tell us your project requirements.

You can call us today at 0151 257 8816 or email us at and we’ll do everything we can to help.

Perhaps surprisingly, there aren’t many construction materials that can’t be recycled in some way once recovered from a demolition sites across the North West.

Because of this, coarse sand can also be made from recovered spoil materials, that are processed in our on-site sandwashing plant.

This removes unwanted particles and impurities and allows the coarse sand to be used again in future projects.

But does recycling affect the quality of coarse sand?


To ensure this, all Grundy & Co., products are regularly tested by an external testing house, allowing us to demonstrate that we meet tight regulatory specifications.

This means all of our recycled aggregates are suitable for both public and government projects, including those with the Department of Transport.

If you need recycled coarse sand for any project, either in Widnes or elsewhere, don’t hesitate to order today – simply fill in our quick contact form or email us at and we’ll be in touch to complete your order.

There are many types of sand available within the construction and landscaping sectors, which can make it a bit confusing if you are trying to source recycled aggregates for a project.

From construction to sharp, grit, or rough sand – it’s a challenge.

All of these names have been used to refer to coarse sand, unlike concreting sand, which is so-named as it is predominantly used to mix concrete – though can be used in place of coarse sand if needed.

It is worth being aware though that fine sand and pipe bedding sand, are not the same as coarse sand and should be avoided for construction projects, as it does not compress as well or provide the same strength.

To order coarse sand (or whatever you call it!), simply fill in the enquiry form on your screen or email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Paver sand is predominantly used in the laying of bedding pipes or patios and paths – or anywhere else you might choose to lay paving stone – for example, under a shed.

Unlike coarse sand, paver sand is described as only medium coarse, so although it can be used in place of coarse sand, there may be occasions when it is not the best choice.

If you aren’t sure what kind of sand is best for your project, you can always ask the aggregate experts at Grundy & Co.

Why not give us a call at 0151 257 8816 or fill in our contact form to receive bespoke advice?

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    Product Spec Application
    Fine Sand 0-4mm Blinding, Trench Fill, Ducting
    Coarse Sand 0-6mm Concrete, Block paving, Flagging
    10mm Pipe Bedding 6-10mm Drainage
    20mm Pipe Bedding 10-20mm Drainage
    40mm Pipe Bedding 20-40mm Drainage, Filter Drain
    6 x 4 20-80mm Capping, Starter Layer
    Filter Cake (Clean Clay) n/a Lining Ponds, Canals, Landfills

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