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Recycled Aggregates In Runcorn

If you need recycled aggregates in Runcorn, look no further than Grundy & Co Excavations Ltd.

As leading excavation specialists, we have an extensive range of aggregates available for delivery at our yard in Widnes, which is less than a 10 minute drive from Runcorn.

We can supply the quality and quantity of recycled aggregates you need for a competitive price. So, why not get in touch with the team today?


Recycled aggregates for every project in Runcorn

If your business is looking to reduce the size of its carbon footprint, like most of our clients in Runcorn, recycled aggregates are a fantastic choice.

These typically include crushed stone, sand, gravel, and asphalt. Available in a variety of sizes and grades, they can be used for everything from bulk fills and base fills to landscaping and pavement constructions.

Unlike conventional materials, our recycled aggregates in Runcorn are composed of materials that have been previously used in construction and demolition projects. This not only makes them cheaper to manufacture but – by preventing them from being dumped at the landfill site – also has a positive impact on the environment.

Although recycled aggregates in Runcorn are much more affordable than raw materials, we can assure you that they will be of exceptional quality. This is because we use our sandwash plant to separate and remove impurities before delivering them to your site using our 8-wheel tipper trucks.


Enquire about recycled aggregates in Runcorn

Here at Grundy & Co, we pride ourselves on supplying the aggregate you need, without any hassle, for an affordable price.

If you think could benefit from our recycled aggregate delivery service, we usually ask that you give us at least 48 hours’ notice. However, if you need recycled aggregates in Runcorn at short notice, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your project requirements.

If you have any questions about our recycled aggregates in Runcorn, or you’d like to discuss your needs with a member of the team, don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can either speak to us directly over the phone by calling 0151 257 8816, email, or fill out the enquiry form on this page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

Generally speaking, aggregates are raw materials that are either produced from natural sources or extracted from pits of quarries. This includes:

• Gravel

• Crushed stone

• Sand

When mixed with binding mediums, like water, asphalt, and cement, they go on to form compound materials that are essential for building in every corner of the globe.

Recycled aggregates are building aggregates that are made from reusing crushed construction and demolition waste rather than sourcing or extracting virgin materials.

These recovered materials are collected, sorted, crushed, and washed by specialist companies, like Grundy & Co Excavations Ltd, before being delivered to your site in the quantities you need.

If you want to try recycled aggregates for a project in Runcorn, fill in the enquiry form on your screen or email us at and we’ll get back to you with a bespoke quote – your wallet and the environment will thank you!

The construction industry is a large contributor to many issues which are terrible for the environment and increase pollution, many of which are now being reported. These include:

• Contributing to 23% of air pollution, 40% of drinking water pollution, and 50% of landfill waste.

• Being responsible for 50% of all natural resource extraction globally.

• Using materials inefficiently, with 25% of the 100 million tonnes per annum ending up at landfill.

For these reasons, many people are turning to recycled aggregates to limit the impact their project will have on the environment and boost their green credentials.

Another benefit is financial – due to price rises in the construction industry, specifically for raw materials, choosing recycled aggregates is likely to be much cheaper!

To make the switch and order recycled aggregates in Runcorn for your upcoming project, you can call us on 0151 257 8816 or fill in our contact form and we’ll be in touch to complete your order.

Recycled aggregates can come in many forms, but most commonly include:

• Crushed asphalt

• Crushed brick

• Crushed concrete

• Crushed stone

• Gravel

• Coarse sand

• MOT Type 1

This range is ever-increasing and means that construction and landscaping companies can contribute towards a circular economy – by reusing materials already in circulation and leaving the natural resources in the ground!

All while saving you money – what’s not to like?!

For recycled aggregates from our on-site sandwashing plant in Widnes, order today - you can use our quick contact form or email us at and we’ll touch base with you to get your order delivered at a time that suits you best.

So, recycled aggregates might be good for the planet, but can they offer the same quality for multi-million-pound construction projects in the UK?

Put most simply, yes.

By collecting, processing and redeploying materials already in circulation, the same high quality continues to be present in the aggregates' new form – as the processing plants separate and remove impurities.

Similarly, many processing facilities have the paperwork to show they meet the legal requirements for aggregates used in public and Government projects, including roads and highways.

To place an order for delivery in as little as 48 hours, give us a call today on 0151 257 8816 or email us at with your project requirements.

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    Product Spec Application
    Fine Sand 0-4mm Blinding, Trench Fill, Ducting
    Coarse Sand 0-6mm Concrete, Block paving, Flagging
    10mm Pipe Bedding 6-10mm Drainage
    20mm Pipe Bedding 10-20mm Drainage
    40mm Pipe Bedding 20-40mm Drainage, Filter Drain
    6 x 4 20-80mm Capping, Starter Layer
    Filter Cake (Clean Clay) n/a Lining Ponds, Canals, Landfills

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